Scott Springer
Research Scientist

2101 Fourth Ave., Suite 1310
Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Phone:+1 206-538-2725
Fax:+1 206-726-0524
email:springer (at)

Scott Springer grew up in Minnesota, far from the ocean.  During his senior year at Carleton College, he participated in a marine biology program that was held on Catalina Island and in Monterey, California, and then he knew that he wanted to study the ocean.  After graduation, he found a position as a research assistant in marine ecology at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.  Now certain of his interests, he applied to graduate school in oceanography at the University of Washington.  While a graduate student, his interests changed to focus on the physics of ocean circulation. He studied the mechanisms responsible for El Niño for his masters degree and the dynamics of the strong currents located on the western sides of tropical oceans for his Ph.D.

After many years at Oregon State University, Scott returned to Seattle to work at Earth and Space Research in the fall of 2008.  Today he spends most of his time using the excellent computational facilities available at ESR to perform computer simulations of ocean circulation.  Recently he has been applying techniques he learned for modeling the circulation off Oregon to coastal regions of Antarctica.  Both areas are biologically productive, but the physical causes of the productivity differ, and much can be learned by comparing them.  One very important difference is that sea ice affects the interactions of the ocean and atmosphere in Antarctica, and Scott is now spending much of his time learning how to model the effects of ice.

In his free time, Scott enjoys hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and cycling.

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